A Complete Guide to Create an Ubereats like App [2020 Updated]

Published by Sumayya Siddique on December 31, 2019

A Complete Guide to Create an Ubereats like App [2020 Updated]

With no doubt the food delivery industry is on its rise. There are researches which shows the number of people that uses Ubereats like app in this year (2020) will be 92.76 million also it states that the number of platform to customer delivery will win the restaurant to a consumer within 2024. These clearly show that the food delivery apps will hold the industry from now on and which is why building an Ubereats like app in 2020 guarantees a promising future for our growing entrepreneurs.

If you are the one who is looking to grow your on-demand food delivery business, you are in the right place. Because In this article we are going to see how you can groom your business to success just like Ubereats.

Ubereats Like App

It all starts with an idea. You have already come with a bright idea which is an on-demand food delivery app like Ubereats. Before getting into the app development steps lets take a quick look at all the requirements for grocery app development.


Ready your team

Food delivery business is not a one-man show, you’ll eventually need to collaborate with local restaurants and the delivery boys. Include various restaurants that serve a variety of cuisines. Thereby once your Ubereats like app is live you can deliver the best food ordering experience for your users.

Read on to see some points that can help you prepare yourself before the app launch.

  • Never keep the business promotion for later, start in advance and let the word spread about your Ubereats like app and its launch. This can help you engage the targeted audience more with your app.
  • Choose experienced developers who have already worked on the on-demand delivery app.
  • Start with a small area to test and learn your food delivery apps.
  • Collect User, restaurant and rider feedback and evaluate them seriously to make your service better as never before.
  • Stay updated in the food delivery industry and closely monitor your competitors to ensure you are never late.

Steps to build an Ubereats like App

Just as I mentioned above, cloning apps like Ubereats requires topmost expertise in the app development domain. Choosing an on-demand app development team is highly suggested than going for a cloning script as your app will need a lot of customization and changes in no time. This situation can be only handled by your expert on-demand app developers.
It’s not just the user app that you’ll need to build if you are going to develop an app like Ubereats. The restaurants that you collaborate, the delivery boys and you as the admin will need separate apps/panel that can manage all the respective functions. To run an On-demand Food Delivery business just like Ubereats you’ll need the following four modules.

  • User App
  • Restaurant App
  • Rider App
  • Admin Panel

Let’s see the features and functionalities that each of the modules should have for the proper functioning of your app.

The User App


This is the app that you use to order food online or the Ubereats app that a user uses top search for nearby restaurants and the menu to make orders online. The following are the features that a user app will have.

User Logins:

Letting your customers create a profile in your app will help you collect their preference store them for providing personalized user experience. Before it was standard forms for user sign in. These forms where long which made the users skip the process. But now you can implement quick sign up forms by implementing social logins and OTP logins. This also helps you collect valid contact details from the user (Audience for your email campaign is ready📢).

For example instead of the standard forms, In the Ubereats app, you can see there the OTP login is implemented.

Product/ Restaurant Search:

When a user signs up in your app, the next thing that he is going to do is search for cuisine or restaurant. What happens when he does not find what he was searching for. It’s important to have a clear method to categorize the cuisines and hotels based on the food items they deliver, the ratings, locations.

Ubereats has made this easy for the customers by providing a search box and as well as a cuisine category page. This helps users who haven’t decided upon what they should order for the meal.

Ratings and Reviews

There is this interesting study about customer behavior which states that about 72% of customers do not decide until they have read the reviews. In food apps instead of food reviews, you can see that food ratings are highly influential. Implementing food ratings can help you boost sales.

You can also implement ‘top-selling’ and ‘must-try’ badges for food items that have more ratings.

Multiple Payment Gateways

The average online cart abandonment rate in the checkout page are as high as 87%. This is a nightmare for On-demand service apps and mCommerce Apps. The main reason behind this is a bad user interface and lack of payment method. You have to take care in keeping your checkout page simple and user-friendly. Also, integrating multiple payment methods including UPI’s can help you reduce cart abandonment and increase checkouts. you might have noticed that Ubereats app has multiple payment gateways including Credit/Debit cards and also UPI’s and eWallets.

Order Tracking

Do you have a dedicated customer support team? If not relax. In the case of food delivery apps, most of the enquires come customers who worry about the orders not getting delivered on time. You can easily handle this issue by implementing a live tracking system in your food app just like in Ubereats. Also, Implementing live order tracking let improve the efficiency of your service.

Push Notifications

With a tight competition in existence, Keeping your customers engaged with your app is necessary. Which is the reason why you need to implement mobile push notifications. With push notifications you can let your customers know about the deals and offers that they love the most. And yes you can also send push notification to a targeted crowd too. For example, if you are having some users who have added their food to their cart, but has not checked out yet, you can send a personalized push notifications to them (you can even try this with an inevitable offer) and make the checkout.

The Restaurant and Rider App

For being a successful food delivery business just like Ubereats, you’ll need to design and develop a restaurant app and as well as rider app too. This makes it easier for you to keep track of orders and activities of all the parties.
Let’s see some of the features of both the restaurant and the rider app.


Restaurant App features

View / accept/ decline Orders: All three options are basic and mandatory when it comes to a restaurant app. Whenever a user places an order to a restaurant, That restaurant should be able to view it immediately. So that the restaurant can either accept the order if the food item is there or can be prepared in the meantime. Or else the restaurant should be able to decline the order request if they are short in the food item, ingredients and due to any reasons when they cannot serve the dish.

The Delivery Boy App

Accept Order: The delivery boy should be notified about the new orders so that he can view and accept it.

In-App Navigation: Riders will not be knowing the location of all the restaurants and also the customers. For this, an In-App navigation is necessary so that the riders are navigated to the exact location easily.

Contact options: There will be situations where the rider has to call for the restaurant or the customers for some inquiry while an order is processed. Thereby the rider app for your Ubereats like app should include a contact option to contact both the restaurant and the customer by protecting the privacy of the rider and as well as the customer.

Incase of Ubereats App, there is a chat and as well as a call option for both the users and riders.


Admin Dashboard

This is for you. It’s through the admin dashboard that you can add and manage restaurants, riders and also users. You can view every order details, add and remove new deals and menus in the app.

Click here to learn more features about the food delivery app.


Making your App Unique

Even though you are looking into developing an Ubereats like app, you’ll still want to make your app unique. You can improvise your food delivery app by implementing features that are presently lacking in the food delivery system.

What is it?

“Multiple orders from Multiple Restaurants”

Presently this feature is lacking in food delivery giants such as Ubereats or DoorDash or Postmates. You can include this feature in your On-demand Food delivery app to provide a food delivery experience never as before.

Innow8 Apps, the developers of India’s first virtual food court App-FoodClub, has developed the food delivery app that lets the users place orders from multiple restaurants at a time. If you are implementing the same in your app, you will be delivering an advanced food ordering experience that does not restrict them from choosing their combos from multiple restaurants at a time.

Want to build an app like uber eats with features such as multiple orders from multiple restaurants?

Want to build an app like uber eats with features such as multiple orders from multiple restaurants?