What Is OpenSea?

As one of the leading NFT (Non-fungible Token) marketplaces, Opensea holds a prominent future in blockchain technology. They have created a unique platform for digital trading goods called NFT. It lets the users use digital assets just as any physical goods and cryptocurrencies are used for every trade.

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Prime features of OpenSea Clone

It's not just a clone that we build, we create exclusive features for your Custom Opensea Clone. Our Seasoned blockchain developers are armed with skills and experience that can bring out the best version of the NFT Marketplace in your thoughts.

Well-listed NFT’s

A hassle-free listing of digital creations to discover NFTs is done. This said, preview, pricing, description, creators and trade information are added along.


Categories of NFTs are made so the users can easily navigate through the category of their interests. The primary categories include Video, Photography, Audio, Show tickets etc.

Bid & Purchase

NFT adapts a traditional auction method to conduct trades. The users can make their bids on digital creations and see bid details such as expiration dates, the status of the bid, etc.

Enchanting Storefront

Our Opensea clone creates the best first impressions by displaying NFT’s preview, creator details, price, Bid details etc.

Search with filters

The search engines accompanied by efficient filters let the users discover the desired NFT in no time. It's effortless and quick enabling trade without facing any sort of friction.

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How does our OpenSea clone Works?

Being first-hand NFT marketplaces developers, we are themed to develop and deliver White-label solutions. The users can sign up on your NFT marketplace and choose their preferred Crypto-wallets for minting NFTs. Along with minting, users can create their own NFTs and list their creations for sale. Each trade happens either through an auction or fixed-price deals. It's your NFT marketplace place that handles these digital assets and processes P2P Transactions.

Our Customer Stories


"Innow8 are a fantastic team who always strive to deliver to the best of their ability. Their service, commitment, and quality are why myStake chooses them."

Matt Mills

CEO, MyStake

succeessfull app owners
succeessfull app owners

"Out of all the app developers we've worked with, Chavi and his team have come out on top. Their work ethic, communication , time management and knowledge in the development of apps have exceeded our expectations in every way."

Calvin Pham

Project Manager, GuessMe

sucessfull stories of app owners

"We’ve been working with the Innow8 team for 18 months and they have consistently produced high-quality work. They always deliver on time and on budget. We highly recommend them for your web development needs."

Tim Bass

CEO, Block8

Successfull app owners

"The Innow8 team have never ceased to amaze me in how skilled, hard working and dedicated they are in their work. There is never a task they cannot complete and they’re always willing to go the extra mile. I look forward to continuing to work with them in the future."

Max Kenny

CEO, Crypto Gaming Australia