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Innow8 Apps is a top-rated industry leader, delivering web and App development services Globally. With our experience in the development industry, we have been able to resolve all the technical and business challenges faced by our clients.

For all our clients, we are focused on building digital solutions that serve their purpose in the most powerful way. We have stood aside huge companies in the US, UK, and Australia Qmerit, MyStake, Optym. We do not just work with big names, we involve in accompanying business and startups to the next level by providing the perfect web and app solution.


With an intense experience in web development, we have delivered web development services across the globe. We have delivered feature-rich web apps in various industries. Some Top Web apps Developed at Innow8 Apps include Fantom Wallet, MyStake, JustPlay and Crypto8.

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Mobile apps are our niche, we never fail to develop quality-driven mobile applications. We have a proven record of delivering stunning iOS and Android Mobile Applications. You can get your app developed using cutting-edge technologies.

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We are technology partners with one of Australia's top 10 Blockchain Incubators and are working on multiple blockchain based projects including myStake, Cryptoflip, Orbit, Fantom Wallet, etc.

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Thrilling and addiction are things we never let go of. Our game app developers have always found themselves celebrating while developing gaming apps that redefine gaming worlds. Until now, we have been able to deliver the most engaging apps, like CryptoFlip.

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At Innow8 Apps, we meet the visions of our clients. Our UI/UX specialists meet each and every requirement of our clients to deliver apps that are visually perfect and have flawless performance.

UX Strategy Development

Mobile and Web Design

Rich Graphics Design

Responsive Designing

App UI/UX Design

Responsive Design

Intracton Design

2D Character Animation


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IP Protection

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The FoodClub app is India's first virtual court app, with an innovative idea that lets users make orders from multiple restaurants in a single order.

The FoodClub project focuses on bringing the best food from the top restaurants. The Food menu's app comes with tags like 'BestSelling' and 'MustTry' that help the users choose the dishes.

The FoodClub project involves 4 major stages. The following are the 4 major modules and their features:

Food Courts

Dine Outs

Food Categories

Top Restaurants

Multiple Payment Methods

Advanced Filtering and Sorting

Loyalty Programmes

OTP Logins

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The Project has 3 apps including ones for restaurants, redelivery people and customers. Also there is a dashboard for the admin to manage and view all the activities of the 3 apps.

Download the Foodclub app


Delivery Hot

Dine Out

Premium Delivery

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This app is for merchants. We have designed and developed the restaurant app that can ease the tasks of the restaurants in accepting and processing orders.

Food Club Merchant App for Restaurant

Order Details

Accept/Reject the order

Revenue Board

Manage the Food Menu

Review Past Orders

Redeem Deals


In order to receive orders and accept delivery personnel, we have created a rider app for all delivery persons.

Some features of the Rider app include:


Contact Customer

Contact Restaurant

Time Preference

In-App Navigation

Order Details

Order Notifications

Earning Board


qmerit Logo Qmerit

Qmerit is an innovative, enterprise-grade software platform for service organizations that enables Managing direct employees, temporary workers, and sub contractorson a single cloud-based platform, the QMerit meritocracy-based engine allocates the best resources at the best value for every service request, motivates the workforce to deliver consistent service on every service job, and continuously means performance to provide feedback.

Some features of the Qmerit app include:

Manage Profile

View nearby activities on Google


Submit Quotes

Schedule and conduct activities

Global leaders such as BMW, Jaguar, Unified energy, ABM are some of the userbase of the QMerit app.

Technology Stack:

Mobile App: React Native, Redux


Database: mySQL

Source Control: Team foundation server


QMerit has already secured industry-leading customers such as BMW, MINI, ChargePoint, Juicebox by eMotorWerks, and other manufacturers to provide a nationwide network of pre-qualified EV charging station installers.


Technician Interface

QMerit's mobile app experience is a platform with which service providers will be able to manage their daily activities, log their work, provide quotes, and manage their schedules. The goal is to have this functionality at the user's finger tips enabling them to provide real time updates and manage daily activities more efficiently.

The Technician

Creates a profile in the app

Views the available jobs

Picks up jobs and assigns them to his bag

Views his current activities

Retrieves details about a job, including client details and location

Updates the job with quote information

Installation updates

Completes the job


qmerit Logo Qmerit

Customers receive many benefits when using the QMerit programme including:

Greater flexibility and convenience: customers can choose from multiple QMerit certified installers in their area for no-cost quotes, compare and accept or reject quotes, and track upcoming appointments - all in one online location.

Charging station installation prior to, or timed with, vehicle delivery: with a streamlined installer selection process, customers can benefit from installing a charging solution prior to bringing home the vehicle, to ensure a seamless and premium ownership experience from day one.

Access to ratings of Qmerit installers: As the programme proceeds, EV owners will be able to review and select Qmerit-certified installers based on ratings from other customers, thus building additional confidence in the selected installer.

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Deliver Confidence to Stakeholders

Through transparent, immutable governance on the Ethereum Blockchain.

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myStake helps users manage shareholder and board communications, voting in general, and board meetings. Administer and track employee options and profit sharing schemes. Automate distributions to share and unit holders.

Ensure your small business or corporate trustee is always compliant. Digest your corporate register and related documents. Think less about compliance and more about growing your business or wealth.

mystake m

Technology Stack:

Blockchain: Ethereum

Front End: React, React-Router, Bootstrap, SAAS

Backend: Meteor, AWS S3

Database: MongoDb

Mobile App: React Native

Payment Gateway: Stripe

Testing: Chai/Mocha, Automation testing

Email Service: Github, CircleCI

Process: Agile/Scrum

Third Party SDK's HighChart, Victory Chart, KYC/AML


Share Certificate

Issue shares as cryptographic tikens to shareholder wallets, verified by immutable share certificates.

Immutable Voting

Voting on board resolutions and shareholder proposals, with an immutable record of the results.

Private Communication and Data Room

Communicate with shareholders privately and securely. Hashed and permissioned documents for stakeholders.

Unlisted Securities Marketplace

Offer securities to raise capital and create greater liquidity for stakeholders.

Permanent Transparent Company Records

Allow shareholders to monitor their shareholding value, CAP table, and dividend distributions.

Mobile App

Access and verify your wallet and documents on Android and iOS.

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With the Sweet Cow Ice Cream app, you can:

You can see the sweet cow shops around you on a map with real-time distance from location.

Find the closest Sweet Cow to you and set a 'Home' shop location that the app opens to!

See the current flavor boards for all shops!

View descriptions and allergens for all flavors!

'Favourite' the flavours you love and get real-time notifications when they are available!

Technology Stake:

Mobile App: React Native, Redux, iMessage Extnsion

Backend: PHP, Firebase, Push Notifications

Database: Geolocation, Google Maps, Email and phone call communication, Facebook Authentication

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Taddar is an online shopping app for all categories of products. The users can take a photo of any product they wish to buy and upload it to the Taddar app to view similar collections and make a purchase.

Features of the Taddar App

Paste the Instagram link for the product

Crop and upload product pictures/screenshots

View similar products

Purchase the product

Technology Stack:

React Native

Redux - Saga


How It Works

Sign up with World Raotts.

You become a Guest User.

World Raott Coins were minted in 3 powerful symbols - the Crown, the Cup; and the Ring. You must select one.

There are 20 types of World Raott Coins in each symbol.

Every time a company or business buys advertising with us, say $100 worth of advertising space in our deal section, our system converts this $100 value to 100 new World Raott Coins right away.

New World Raott Coins are created and generated with a value of 1 USD per coin.

These World Raott Coins are now available to our Full Members.

Earn these World Raott Coins by playing the treasure hunt game to build coin combinations in your symbol.

Transfer and swap World Raott Coins in other symbols with other users.

Buy deals worth millions of dollars when you have the correct coin combinations in your symbol.

Spend your World Raott Coins to buy deals.


Technology Stack:

Mobile App: React Native, React Navigator

Web Frontend: PHP

Backend: PHP React APIs

Database: mySQL


A complete school management software

A super intuitive School Software that simplifies the tasks of staff, teachers & parents.


Web Application

For school management, admin & staffs


Mobile Application

For parents & teachers

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School Erp software spans a range of features:

A complete school management software

Attendance Manaement

Fee Management


Invoice Generation


Bus Tracking


Student Information

Staff Information

Automated Attendance

Emails & Notifications


Technolofy Stack:

Mobile App: React Native, React Navigation

Web Frontend: React, React-Router

Backend: Meteor

Database: MongoDB


Cutting the house out of gambling

Cryptofllip is a beta platform with a free tournament series where players battle against each other to claim the top of the leaderboard at the end of 10 rounds.

Players always win

Whale Friendly

No Deposits

Tamper-proof Gaming

Flat Low Fees

Wager in Ether (ETH)

Technology Stack:

Front End: React, Redux, React-Router, Bootstrap, SAAS, Material UI

Backend: Node.js, Express.js AWS S3, WebSockets using

Database: PostgreSQL

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Cutting the house out of gambling

The QReader app is a new generation that lets app users easily scan QR codes and also generate QR codes.

The main features of QReader include:

Scan QR codes at lightning-fast speed

Generate QR codes

Store Scan History

Share scan results and generated QR codes through WhatsApp, Facebook and other sharing apps on your phone

Easy to use user interface makes QR scanning hassle-free using a single tap

Technology Stack:


QR Code Scanner




Meta Mask

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Crypto8 - The CryptoCurrency Market app is designed to bring up to date market values and news about the world's top 100 cryptocurrencies. The app simplifies the monitoring od the status of the crypto coins by gathering and providing all the crypto information on a single platform. The users can also view all the trending news related to the crypto world.

Some core features of Crypto8 are:

The Coin Price

Market Cap


Totla Volume


Price Gap

Technology Stack:

Front End: Bext.js, React.js

Backend: Node.js, Express.js

Database: PostgreSQL

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It is a modern-day video streaming app that lets users stream different types of videos. There are several categories, such as Viral or trending-videos, short films, romance, and general videos. This video streaming platform has embedded advertisements where viewers can shop for clothing, accessories, footwear, and more.

Some features of JustPlay include:

Browse top videos

Like and share videos

View video descriptions

Technology Stack:

React Native


Video Streaming

React Navigation

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Fantom is a Secured Blockchain app that lets you send and receive transactions by sharing a QR Code.

Some features of the Fantom App include:

Restore the wallet by entering the wallet seed

Create a wallet by creating a secret mnemonic

View and manage Address Book

Conduct Transactions

Technology Stack:

Mobile App: React Native for iOS and Android

Web App: React JS, Node Js, Express Js

Desktop App: Electron for Mac, Windows and Linux

Database: mySQL

Source Control: Github

Third Party SDK's: Ethereum

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WishHealth logo

WishHealth app provides an ad platform to help patients get quick access to nearby health centers/doctors. The users can use the app to search for doctors and make an appointment in the doctor's calendar by looking at their availability.

Some of the top features of WishHealth are:

View nearby doctors

Book doctor appointments

View past appointments

Manage currebt appointments

Appointment calendar

Technology Stack:

Front End: Swift, Google Maps, SDK

Backend End: Node.js PostgreSQL

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FruitionPro is a hassle-free meeting management solution brought to its users as a web application. The app contains numerous features that can increase efficiency in conducting official meetings. The effective users of the FruitionPro app include the organizations and as well as individuals.

Some of the top features of FruitionPro are:

Social logins approved with license key

A well-maintained dashboard schedule meetings with

Agenda, participants, documents, and location

Quick Notes

Manage and view meeting history

Invite users for meeting Via Gmail

Technology Stack:

Front End: ReactJs, HTML, CSS, ReactStrap

Backend End: NodeJs, ExpressJs

Database: MongoDB

on going project

The Fantom mobile and desktop apps include:

A secured wallet app to make online transactions easier. In the app users can store and transfer FTM from one account to another. Through the app, users can share QR codes to receive payments.

Some of the top features of Fantom App include the:

Generate Wallet

Share a QR code to receive payment from others

Make payments to others by scanning their QR code

Able to delegate stakes to validators

Technology Stack(Desktop):

Web App using React Js, Node Js, Express Js

Desktop App using Electron for Mac, Windows and Linux

Database: mySql

Source control: Github

Technology Stack(Mobile):

React Native


QR Generator


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Orbit is a cryptocurrency based roulette wheel like a game where players place their bets against each other to claim the top of the leaderboard. This cryptocurrency app is a real-time multiplayer game for online betting.

Technology Stack:

Mobile App: React Native, Redux

Backend End: Web3

Third-Party: Meta Mask, Ethereum smart contracts

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GuessMe - A Mind-Blowing photo puzzle game is designed for puzzle lovers. The app combines two faces and makes it interesting to discover the hidden celebrity face. The app includes 100's of faces and nonrepeating puzzles.

Some of the top features of Guessme are:

Multiple levels of games

Time laps to boost gamification

Multichoice answer

Real-time multiplayer and single-player mode

Technology Stack:

Front End: Objective C

Backend End: Firebase

Multi Player: App Wrap

Source control: Github

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Vista Scout

Landscape Finder is a geo finding app that assists users in finding nearby tourist spots. The app provides accurate information about places including photographs of the place, the distance, and the most convenient route to the place.

Some of the top features of Vista Scout App are:

Discover nearby tourist spots

View pictures and photos

Submit and view reviews of the place

The best route to the destination

Technology Stack:

Front End: Swift, Google Maps SDK

Backend End: Node Js, PostgreSQL

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SquareMeter is an online rental platform similar to Airbnb. People looking to host their services can easily sign up and manage them through SquareMeter. For guests who are looking for venues, they can search and discover the best ones by inscribing the requirements.

Some of the top features of SquareMeter are:

Quick and best match venue finder

Discover various categories and activities to join

Hire event managers

Option to host sign up

Technology Stack:

Front End: React, Redux, React-Apollo

Backend End: Graph QL, Express Js and Sequelize

Project Management Tools: Asana

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Bonfire is an online video calling platform that lets you conduct virtual events and parties. The users can sign up and invite their friends to join them virtually by sending an invite link. For more convenient communication, there are message chat options.

Some of the top features of the Bonfire are:

Socila Media Login

Virtual backgrounds

Invite and conduct virtual parties

Send and receive text messages

Technology Stack:

Front End: React Js, Google Calendar, Image Capture, html2canvas

State Management: Redux and Axios Middlewar

Backend End: Firebase

Video Chat: WebRTC

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ams Logo

The attendance management system, is an online platform that lets the companies and enterprises manage their employee's attendance. The admin can manage the whole attendance chart by logging on to this online platform. It consists of a dashboard where the admin can view the attendance details of all employee's. It is also designed to manage holidays, view employee's details, leaves, and salaries.

Some of the top features of the AMS App include:

View the leave application and approval status

Quick access to each employee's attendance

Add, view and renew holidays

Send leave applications

Technology Stack:

Front End: React Js, Core UI theme

Backend End: Node Js

Maling: SendGrid

Database: MongoDB

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