We are into transforming the healthcare industry with enhanced mHealth Apps

Innow8 Apps offer custom healthcare app development services based on our user’s requirements. The custom approach helps us to meet all the requirements of all end-users including patients, doctors, medical professionals, and all other emissaries involving the drug department, hospital management, etc.

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Healthcare apps that redefined the medical Industry


Mobile MIM

Mobile MIM is the first-ever healthcare app that was uploaded to the Appstore. The app has unique purposes such as sharing images captured in radiation oncology, nuclear medicine, cardiac imaging and more. The app has brought an advanced way for the physicians to monitor the results from their patients.


Gauss Pixel App

Gauss Pixel helps the surgeons and nurses measure patients lost blood during the surgery. This made possible by taking capturing images of surgical sponges used during the procedure using an iOS device. This input is used by the app to calculate the blood loss.



The Fitocracy app stimulates a competing environment for the app users that motivates them to improve the health conditions. The app contains features to manage the workout routines, connecting with communities sharing the same interests and more.

Benefits of working with Top-notch Healthcare app developers

HIPPA Obeyed

We embrace all the rules revolving electronic healthcare transactions such as HIPPA ( Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) to assure the safety and protection of user-health records.

Custom Solutions

The medical field is vast. Thereby we offer custom healthcare app development services that can meet the specific needs of our clients that they specialize in.

Feature Rich

With a team of highly skilled healthcare app developers, innow8 Apps delivers mHealth apps that exhibit exceptional performance. We make sure that all the customer demands are met by deploying the latest features.


The medical field is advancing each day. And will be so much more to implement in the Healthcare app. We Develop apps that are scalable at any point, giving you the complete flexibility you upgrade the features of mHealth app.


With multiple users accessing the app, the confidentiality is a matter of concern. We have created phases to which each user can get access. This keeps them out of accessing private health records and data of all the users.

In-app features of mHealth apps

Social Logins

The app users can quickly sign up using their social networking profiles. Implementing social logins increase user signups by 80% when compared to standard logins.

User Accounts

Both patients and doctors can create and manage their account from the app

  • Patient Account
  • Doctor Account
  • Pharmacist account
  • Health center Authority account
E-health records

The App users can enter and manage individual health records within the app and monitor their health conditions.

  • Upload, Update and View Medical tests
  • Health status
  • Drug prescriptions
  • Doctors recommendations
Book Appointment

Patients can book their doctor’s appointments through the app. We have integrated google calenders within the healthcare application that lets users choose the available date and timeslot for the doctor.


We provide In-app chat option that makes online consulting possible for doctors and patients. Both the doctors and patients can initiate a text chat whenever they want.

Video Calling

The users can get the fastest health checkup through a video call from the app. The Video Conferencing lets the patients get to their doctor without geo barriers and also lets the doctors consult more patients.

Symptom Checker

Identify diseases from early stages. We let our users enter their symptoms and thereby easily identify their health conditions through the app

Drug Store Locator

The app users can search and discover the nearest drug stores within the app. All the details of the drug store will be displayed in the app. The users also get information such as the contact details and directions to the store.

Find Physician

The patients can discover the nearest doctor’s clinic and also get contact details.

Health Clinic

Are you?

How we work


Elaborate Idea

From the moment we get your call, we discuss together and make suggestions that complete your idea.



We work on the app idea and come up with the best blueprints that meet all the requirements of our client. And this is submitted to you before we work on the design.


App design

Once the blueprint is confirmed, we start working on the architecture and custom designs are made that meet our customer requirements.



We Assign dedicated teams for your healthcare project. Our team of skilled and experienced healthcare app developers works together to bring out the best digital form of your idea.


Testing and Debugging

Before every build, we conduct tests and do debugging to ensure optimal performance. Our testing team is equipped with latest technologies that can detect bugs and security threats.


App delivery

With the healthcare app well tested and debugged we deliver our apps to you that are Playstore/ Appstore ready.

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"Innow8 are a fantastic team who always strive to deliver to the best of their ability. Their service, commitment, and quality are why myStake chooses them."

Matt Mills

CEO, MyStake

succeessfull app owners
succeessfull app owners

"Out of all the app developers we've worked with, Chavi and his team have come out on top. Their work ethic, communication , time management and knowledge in the development of apps have exceeded our expectations in every way."

Calvin Pham

Project Manager, GuessMe

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"We’ve been working with the Innow8 team for 18 months and they have consistently produced high-quality work. They always deliver on time and on budget. We highly recommend them for your web development needs."

Tim Bass

CEO, Block8

Successfull app owners

"The Innow8 team have never ceased to amaze me in how skilled, hard working and dedicated they are in their work. There is never a task they cannot complete and they’re always willing to go the extra mile. I look forward to continuing to work with them in the future."

Max Kenny

CEO, Crypto Gaming Australia

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