Published by Sumayya Siddique on December 05, 2019

5 Tips to Engage your App Users

According to Localytics, more than 61% of customers just stop using the app within the first month after exploring the new app. Only a few of the users engage and use the downloaded app till the end of three months.
Apart from just implementing the tips, some points should be taken care of before launching an app that can help you increase the possibility of getting higher engagement and retention rates from the start.
Now, let’s reveal the secret tips to engage your app ideas and win the user’s hearts.


Tip 1 : Ensuring a High-Quality Functional App

The first and most important step is to build a Quality and smart device app. An app always faces some bugs, which should be fixed and tested in time to ensure there are not any significant issues by providing a trial website or application to know about how significant, functional,, and useful it can be.


Tip 2 : Finding the Right Opportunity in the Market

All the successful applications are so developed that they have habit-forming behaviors of the users’ daily routine. Popular and successful apps like Instagram, Spotify, HealthifyMe and so, are created to understand the problems of the users and target the audience by building the features to link the daily routine and make it a habit for users to use the application frequently and regularly. Regularly updating the application with new features and personalized content keeps the user engaged.


Tracking the users' behavior and asking them about their feedback about the application to establish the features is very important to keep up with the trend, and determine what updates are the most compelling and valuable to your users. You have to continuously require updates of the app to retain the users, else you might lose their interest and switch to your competitors as the users require an application and they might switch for better options available in the market.

Tip 3 : Encouraging for Two-Way Communication

Consumers are always more interested in having a conversation with the brand while purchasing or gaining information about a specific product. Consumers want to feel more valued and appreciated in front of the brand, as to maintain this developing a two-way communication app is necessary. Getting feedback from the users is also important to keep the app updated and fix the bugs creating problems to the users. Receiving the messages helps gather feedback and improvements required in the app, solving user’s problems and working on improving the products functionality over a period of time.


It also helps in allowing you to be aware of the problem faced by the user and build a healthy relationship with the user before it affects future downloads and negative reviews of the app. Being responsible for the problems and addressing questions or issues can boost the engagement and gain users, encouraging positive response and reviews along with building long term brand value.

Tip 4 : Push Notification

Applications that remain silent for a quite a long period of time can be forgotten or remain unused eventually. But this does not indicate that the application has to post or spam the users, rather the app should notify with relevant push notifications which can draw their attention and get back to the app. In today’s generation, push notification of the application can be tailored, which makes the user more relevant.


Tip 5 : Every time up

Now that you know how to engage and boost customer engagement with your app. Before you start and run to develop and implement these tips, remember to always create a high quality app which is the first and most important requirement of today’s generation. Everytime and any time when an app crashes, gets slow, and is not working or loading properly, it is an indication for the developer to work on it and make it a better and workable application. It is essential to follow up with both front end and back-end functionality to have a better understanding and get through a thorough revision of how it can work better.


Change is the new nature to keep up with the tech products and be in the queue. It is necessary to keep the app updated, add new features and remove the bug frequently.
All of these tips and features will help you to take a step forward in developing an interactive and engaging app that users will be forced to download and get to know more about by using it.

No tricks would work with your app if it is a slow
and bug creating app.

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Listen to what your customers want, expect out of the app and make it user and social friendly to be successful in your dreams of creating the application.

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