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Published by Sumayya Siddique on December 18, 2019

Advantages of On-demand Apps

If you own an on-demand business, you have landed in the right place. The demand for immediate services is on the rise. There are studies that state that 86.5 million Americans which is 42% of the adult populations have used On-Demand Service. If you are an entrepreneur looking to get your feet into on-demand businesses, adapting technology is most advised. As 49% of on-demand services are millennials and they have embraced the web and mobile app technologies more than any other discoveries. Among this group, 86% of them are expecting on-demand services to be online and make door deliveries.

Is your’s an On-demand Business?

Do people need your service on regular basis ?. If ‘yes’, you are in. This can be any service from Laundry to Food Delivery. Some of the major industries that come under on-demand services include travel, Delivery, Laundry, carwash, healthcare, rentals, and also logistics. Some real examples that I could share with you are the Uber cabs, Airbnb and DoorDash. Don’t Wrong me, as there are even more on-demand apps that you can find in any digital marketplace.

The on-demand services such as Uber have led to a significant change in the consumer point of view about on-demand apps. This has improved the user’s perspective on On-demand Apps. All these companies have made sure they are bringing in the best services for the customers with cutting edge technologies.

Should your business need an on-demand app?

There are many reasons which say ‘Yes’ that you should consider building an app for your business. But let’s not jump into conclusions, Let’s look into the both sides of developing an on-demand app for businesses.

The following are some benefits of having an app for your business.

1. Customers love it.

As long as you are into business, here is the motto that you can’t let go-‘Customers are king’.

  • Most Convenient: This one has come along with the technologies. People prefer things that are easy and can be done smoothly. A mobile app is a perfect platform for this. Through apps, the users can book, request services, order products and receive them at their doorsteps.

  • Quick: With On-demand apps, users can save their time visiting the local service lenders since everything is done through the app. Users often get quite excited about accessing the local business services without stepping out.

  • Tracking: After signing up for a service, the users are allowed to track the status of their request. With tracking in your on-demand app, you can witness a high level of customer satisfaction.

  • Product/Service Reviews: Allowing your user’s rate and review the services you provide increases the credibility of your business. Within the on-demand app, the users can view and make their decision of choosing the appropriate product/service which fits them best.

  • Multiple Payments: Through On-demand apps, you are letting your users make payments through channels that favor them the most. Online transactions make quicker tractions.

Benefits for your business

At the end of the day, what really matters is business growth, And with mobile apps, this is going to happen definitely, here are the details.

  • Improve sales: There are researches which states that by 2020 there will be 2.87 billion smartphone users in the world. This definitely shows that your business will have to leverage mobile apps if you are planning to reach wider users that can help you improve sales.

  • Retain customers: Customer retention is an important and yet difficult phase in on-demand business. With high competition in the marketplace, mobile apps can help you retain customers. You can provide promo codes and offers and let your customers informed about new offers through mobile push notifications and even implement a referral program that helps you acquire new customers.

  • Discoverability: Taking your business online means making it easily accessible to your customers. And if its mobile app, it’s way even closer. Your users can search for your app in the app/play store and download it directly into their mobile devices. Thereafter every time a user unlocks his device, your app with your brand icon appears which keeps the user reminded about the service that you offer. If you are an on-demand business entrepreneur, you might be confronted with the customer acquisition part.

Hiring the On-demand app developers

What makes on-demand apps different from other apps is their features. Just as how unique your business is, your app should also depict the same uniqueness. And this varies from apps to apps. The features for each on-demand apps are different and Thereby you’ll need to hire app developers who specialize in on-demand app development.

If you are having any queries regarding on-demand app development, you can reach us out as we can guide you in the light of being the developers of India’s first-ever virtual food Court App- FoodClub.

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