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Published by Sumayya Siddique on january 22, 2020

It’s no big surprise that nobody would like to spend their time on hospital verandas for hours when they are sick. And thanks to the technology, this situation has changed so much from what it was then. With the mobile apps invading all industries how would have thought that mobile apps are going to revolutionize the healthcare industry. The app simplifies every tedious process involved in healthcare systems. It starts with the basic consultation to advanced live diagnosis.

In this article, we will look into the core benefits of building healthcare apps.

Healthcare Apps- The inception

Ada Health, developed by a Berlin-based company is the first healthcare app as it provided a free health symptom checker. And it was from which the mHealth app today has evolved.

Healthcare App Benefit

So what is the user perspective to healthcare apps?

Every time a healthcare app was built, it had a new feature that took the healthcare industry step ahead. Healthcare apps have utilized the best of smartphones and technologies to make services available to customers through the app. The demand for healthcare apps are always high as it offers healthcare services anytime and anywhere.

And here are some interesting factors about the healthcare apps which stats that 15% of 18 to 29 year-olds use health apps on their smartphones and 8% of 30-49-year-olds who use smartphones use medical apps. This clearly shows that the use of healthcare apps is growing among smartphone users. Most of all the healthcare apps are feature-driven that makes the users and patients use the app without any difficulty which is one main reason for the prominent use of healthcare apps.

If you are looking for why you should build a healthcare app here are some reasons.

1. Easily Accessible

With no much doubts, accessibility is one core benefits of having a healthcare app. Apps make it easy for users to interact with each other. The patients can get in touch with the doctors using In-app chatting option.
Healthcare apps break the geo barriers, which lets patients even from remote areas get instant touch with the doctors without needing to travel. Instead, doctors can make digital visits through the app. Healthcare apps including features such as doctor on-demand along with video conferencing make this possible.

2. Digitized Health Record

The chances are high to miss the hard copies of health reports and this issue is solved with the healthcare apps. The doctors and patients can upload the health records of the users and can be viewed by both ends whenever required. Moreover, Healthcare apps including a fitness tracker will let the users monitor their present health situation and compare it with the standard reports. The users can connect their health wearables to the app to monitor their health on daily basis. The heartbeat rate, the consumption rate of calories, steps the users have taken are some of them.

3. Minimized risk of Diagnosis

Errors in diagnosis is a nightmare of doctors and as well as patients. As it can lead to serious health issues that could cause even death. The intelligent diagnostic features within mobile apps can reduce this chance of error to an incredibly low rate. Since the accurate reports about the health situation of the patients are readily available in the app, the doctors can prescribe the exact medications required for the patient.

4. Reduction in Healthcare Bills

It doesn’t have to be said how expensive is the healthcare industry. A casual visit to the doctor can cause a certain amount of money. And this can be reduced to a certain amount.
The patients can compare the consultation charges and choose the one which is most suitable for the budget. Also, healthcare apps have the option to define the payment date that is convenient for the user.

5. In-App Payment Gateways

Before it was a task to make payments in healthcare clinics. People have to spend their time waiting in queues. With the emergence of healthcare apps, users can easily pay their bills through the app. For this most of healthcare app facilitates multiple payment methods including UPI’s. Some core advantage of having payment options in healthcare apps is they are highly reliable and the users need not wait in the long queues. Moreover, the users can make the payments in a convenient time.

Wrapping up

The number of healthcare apps is increasing day by day. For sure, healthcare and fitness apps make life easier by bringing in medical support easily. Even complex diagnosis can now be done through mobile apps by easing the tasks of the doctors and nurses. It also helps the doctor consult more patients in a small span of time. With no doubt the healthcare apps itself is evolving and developing new features that ensure every single facility in hospitals and clinics.

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