World Raotts

World Raott’s Biggest Treasure Hunt is suitable for all ages and takes the players on an educational and exciting journey all around the world.

World Raott’s Biggest Treasure Hunt will conclude when all World Raott Coins have been Geominted

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appinfoWorld raotts

World Raott Coins and other treasures (Real Gold Coins/Bars, Artifacts) in different locations around the world. We reveal the locations of these treasures by giving out daily clues on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc.) and through the app itself.

As the game progresses (and more users join in), the clues will get harder and therefore it will be harder to Geomint* coins and find treasures.

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Technology Stack

Front End: React Native, React Navigator

Web Front End: PHP

Back End: PHP, Rest APIs

Database: mySQL

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