How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App

Published by Sumayya Siddique on December 26, 2019

The app development cost is the first concern that runs into a person’s mind just after he had a thought for building one. “It depends on the features you want”- This is an answer that you’ll get. But that’s, not just it, it depends on your idea, the complexity of implementing it, the methodology and for the devices for which you want to make the app. With all these considered an approximate range of the cost to develop an app is $3000-$200k.

Factors Defining App Development Cost

Mobile apps are now the plan A for most of the businesses. The price range that makes your app idea happen, is varying and puts most of the entrepreneurs in a confusing state.

In this article, we have breakdown the factors that depend on developing your app’s cost.

Business Model


An App idea starts with the business model that you adapt. The revenue generation method that you choose is one among the main reason that the development cost is dependent on. It mainly includes the device that your target audience uses, the plugins and device integration that needs for the proper working of the app, free app or paid app, requirement for In-app purchases, and so on

#1. The platforms

“Am building one, so let me keep it for all”. At the very beginning, most of us will be having thought of building apps for all the platforms even if it’s not required. When you realize the cost of developing (native) apps for all platforms will cost you quite an amount you will realize your exact platform requirement”.

For this consider your target crowd for which you are developing apps and the devices they are more likely to use.

Developing Apps for iOS Devices

Creating an app for iOS may seem developing an app for one device. But not all app will be compatible with all iOS devices. This doesn’t mean that you need to develop iOS apps that are compatible with all the devices. If you are not sure about which device you should build the app for, you have to choose the device which your targeted crowd is uses the most.

Also, while considering to develop an iOS app, there are certain factors that need you should look into like the targeted audience and their location, as the number of iOS users is low in some regions. Moreover, you have to strictly evaluate whether your application is violating any Appstore guidelines as it is very difficult to get AppStore approval.

While mentioning the hosting rate, The hosting rate of iOS can go up to $200 which is high when compared to that of Android.

Developing an Android App

Free apps are most loved by Android users, so if you are developing a free app, targeting the android users is a good idea. Also, the app maintenance for the Android app is low while compared to ios and this helps you save more money.

Developing apps for multiple platforms

Obviously, this will be costing more in case if you wanted to develop separate apps for Android and iOS devices. There are three ways you can get your app developed for multiple platforms.

  • Build Native apps
  • Build Hybrid apps
  • Web Applications

Developing native apps has a lot of advantages. Native apps are best in performance and provides a very good user experience with its intuitive UI. But yes, it comes with a cost as the development environment is expensive and so does the maintenance charge.

The second method with which you can get your app developed for multiple platform is by developing a hybrid app. Here the same code can be reused for multiple platforms making the development cost cheaper and saving time. Almost for all apps, the performance is similar to a native app, but when it comes to 2D/3D gaming apps or high graphic oriented apps hybrid apps are not a suitable option.

Web apps are cheaper to develop when compared to native and hybrid apps as web apps are websites wrapped into apps. It is slower when compared to other apps also you have to see whether the app supports all browsers as not all users use the same browser.

#2. Who Develops



  • You’ll get to choose the professionals who are highly skilled at app development
  • Outsourcing tasks to professionals lets you cut short the hiring costs.
  • If you are developing an app for a single platform, freelancers do a great job.


  • Unless you are a developer, you will not be able to know the code quality.
  • There can be a huge communication gap as freelancers have their own schedules.
  • You will be risking your business if the freelancer is slow development.

App Builders:



  • No need for developing skills to build the app
  • Simple apps can be easily build using an app builder
  • App builders are a budget saver as it has less development and maintenance cost


  • Limited Feature of app builders can restrict your apps exact functionalities.
  • All apps build on a particle app builder will almost have the same features and the chances for your app to stay unique are less.
  • Most of the DIY app builders does not make any validated statement on the security they provide. If your app is one type that handles sensitive data, most likely they are at risk.

App Development Company:



  • Highly skilled team: A skilled team is an important requirement for developing quality apps. The work experience the team carries can help you build your app in the most effective way.
  • Custom services: Unlike App builders, you can request for a custom app development service , that lets you build your app with unique features.
  • App maintenance: Once the app is developed you can avail of the team’s service for future maintenance and updation tasks of the app.
  • 24/7 Support: Top App Development Companies are at your services irrespective of the time.


Control over everything: Outsourcing projects can go a bit off control as there will a communication barrier due to different time zone.

#3. Location


Yes, the location from which your app is developed has a major role in cost to make an app. This is one reason why offshore app development companies are high in demand. The hourly rates quoted by offshore companies are low. And surprisingly they are of global standards.

Here is an average hourly quote of companies of each country

USA - $50-$200

Austrailia- $50-$150

UK- $30-$200

India- $10-$80

#4. Development Time


The cost of app development is dependent on the time that will require to develop the app which is dependent on the complexity factors of the app such as third-party integrations and In-app Purchases.

Get App Consultation:

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, you can understand the cost estimation for your app idea by talking to an expert

Talk to top app experts who can evaluate your app idea, understand its requirements and give you an exact cost estimation for your app.

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