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Published by Sumayya Siddique on May 18, 2020

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1. Amazon Kindle

2. Scribd

3. GoodReads

4. Libby

5. Inkitt

Book Lovers are going to love this. We have found the best of the best books for Book Lovers. It is no secret that book lovers have shifted to ebooks which they can carry with them all the time. Smartphones, iPads, and Kindle have been a replacement for hardcopy books, and to make it easier to get access to 1000’s of books there are several Book Apps nowadays. This is even more advantageous as there are so many features that make reading a book much smoother.

There are so many cool features in Book Apps. Digital bookmarking, text to audio outputs, built-in dictionary, and technology benefits are a few of them

At Innow8, we have coupled with companies to discover new dimensions in business. The advancement in technology has paved the path for increased usage in mobile apps and tablets. And this has also affected the reading habits of book readers. The below-mentioned books apps are some top downloaded apps that are used by book lovers to read and download ebooks. The convenience that comes with the book apps are attracting more users day by day and this has changed the face of traditional books.

For eBook Lovers out there, we have sorted out the best Book applications (Both paid and free ) that you can download and use.

Top Book Applications to Download

1. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is one of the famous and most used Book apps. This book app is free to download and read any time you want.

Customization is one core feature offered in Amazon Kindle. The users can customize the font color, size alignment, and also the orientation. This book app also has attractive features that let you adjust the color brightness according to the day time.

The Inbuilt dictionary within the app makes the reading more comfortable as the users can look up words, names, and places in the ebook.

While using Amazon kindle you can easily sync your ebooks across multiple devices and track the reading progress easily.

The well-designed Kindle books can be also made to read aloud in virtual assistant Alexa. The App offers premium features under the plan Kindle Unlimited for $9.99 per month.
All features that come with Amazon Kindle are loved by readers which makes it the best book app.





Scribd is another most downloaded Book app that has over 10,000,000+ installs. The app gives access to unlimited audio and eBooks for users. The app is a Paid App that offers a 30 days free trial for its new members. For both Audio and eBooks the app for a lot of customizable features.

In the case of Audiobooks, the users can adjust the narration speed and the audiobooks can also be downloaded to listen when you are offline.

Just as in the Amazon Kindle app, Scribd also lets its users customize the font features and background color. Also, you can make annotations and create bookmarks. The app also gives an option to read documents and articles, which you can download and read offline.

The deal offered by Scribd is good when compared to Amazon Kindle as it is cheaper and it offers a wide range of new collections.




3. Good Reads

GoodReads is the book app that helps you stay connected with your community. You can get book recommendations from your friends and also see what they are reading. The app offers an easy way to discover books and get quick reviews. This means you can scan book covers and get instant reviews. By doing this you can choose whether or not to read a book and add it to the read shelf.

This book app offers both buy and rent offers to purchase a book. If you are looking for a personalized touch, GoodReads will make a good book app for you as it sorts of the recommendation list according to your reading tastes.

As the best part, this in the book app is staying connected with the community you can add your read status, discuss books through groups, messages, and comments. You can also take part in reading challenges through the app.




4. Libby

The Libby Book App offers a different concept when compared to the above three Book Apps. The app gets you to access to the collections in your public library. Through the app, you can borrow them at no time.

It has built-in ebook reader and as well as an audio reader. Using your library cards you can sign in to multiple libraries and stream or download books at your convenience.
For an enhanced reading experience, this book app has advanced features including read zoomable, bookmarks, book rating, and read history. It also gives an option to send eBooks to your Kindle for reading.

The app lest You can Tag different titles as you read a book as you wish. In Libby, Every loan, reading data, and bookmarks are auto-synced across all your connected devices.




5. Inkitt

Inkitt is a free book the offers unlimited fiction books, novels, and stories. The app offers you suggestion on the account of your interests and taste in reading. The Inkitt app brings the most popular genres including Fiction, Romans, Sci-Fi, Thriller, and fantasy.
Ust as the other apps, Inkitt also lets its members customize the text fonts, background colors, and alignment. Using Inkitt you can easily download ebooks for offline reading.




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