Look out for these mobile app trends in 2020.

Published by Sumayya Siddique on December 11, 2019

Look out for these mobile app trends in 2020.

Every year new technologies are adopted by the mobile app world. Within the past few years, most of our industries including healthcare, eCommerce and education have found their places in mobile apps. For each app the requirements where variant and this paved path for implementing new techniques that enhance the user experience in one or the other way.

If you are wondering whether or not to leverage this technology with your business. Here are the stats which say ‘YES’.

The free App Stats

  1. More than 7 billion people will be using Mobile apps by 2023. You wouldn’t want to miss such a wide target audience.
  2. 65 times. That’s How much an average smartphone user checks his mobile phone. Shouldn’t your app be there?
  3. Generation Z engages themselves 20% more than any other user.

Mobile App Trends that You’ll Love

There is no doubt that the mobile apps are showing no signs to outgrow. What is promising in the mobile app industry. Well, here are top mobile app trends that you can expect to jut in the coming years.

#1. The beacon Technology

GPS has done Wonders to Mobile apps, There are many geo-based apps that have implemented this technology. Still, GPS is lacking its performance in Indoors in reviewing and transmitting signals. And it is to overcome this micro-location issue, Beacon was invented.

Beacon is based on Bluetooth technology.

Minute Bluetooth chips are used in devices along with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE ) technology which is wireless. This is to locate the exact position of the device. This feature of beacon technology has already been adopted in most of the apps.

In 2020, you can experience this feature in hospital apps, restaurant apps, and more.


#2. Android Instant Apps

Instant Apps were launched by Google in the year 2016. This has a great impact on the developer community and as well in the user experience. Android Instant apps deliver a native-like experience along with the advantages of web apps as they take very less space. Some Core Features of Instant app include they disappear when the user exits the apps just like closing a web page. Moreover, the app can be shared easily and when clicked on the link they open up as an app in the user’s phones.

Since the users need not download the app and at the same time gives the experience of using a mobile app you’ll see this is one of the main mobile app trend in 2020 that app users will experience.

instant Apps are the next step in-app evolution, a universal Android solution that brings the speed and power of a native app with the ease and immediacy of a web app. They look and operate just like one of the apps that are installed on your phone, but you don’t need to download anything.

New to this technology? Take a look at some existing Android Instant app


#3. AR and VR

The gaming Apps have already embraced AR and VR. Because it is a clever way to engage and thereby retain the app users. Pokemon is one hit game app that utilizes the AR effect. Besides gaming apps, Social media apps such as TikTok and Instagram have also deployed AR filters to make images and videos more fun. Among the mobile app trends in 2020, the millennial eyes will be on these two technologies.

It was recently that Google utilized the Google lens to bring AR into Google’s search results. Besides Search results, both of these technologies will have a great impact on the practical lives and most of them will be brought through apps.


#4. Mobile Health (mHealth)

mHealth is on-trend nowadays and is expected to take a bigger leap in the coming year. 51% of smartphone users record and monitor their health stats on their mobile phones. Among them, 15% are millennial who use fitness apps and there is 8% of users in middle age who use medical apps.


#5. On-demand Apps

While we are discussing mobile app trends in 2020, surely there is a place for on-demand apps. Day by day the need for On-demand Apps is rising and presently there are businesses who has created apps for their On-demand service. A recent study conducted at Harvard university stats that more than 22.4 million people are drawn to on-demand apps every year. This stats clearly tells us that there will be more on-demand apps in 2020 that eases our daily life.


#6.Fifth Generation Wireless

5G offers a promising future for the App development community as it can improve the user experience. Of course, the first exceptional feature that it offers is the speed which can be 100 times faster than it is now. This is positively going to impact app categories including Audio/video and eCommerce.


Adapting to Mobile app trends in 2020

Well, it looks like the app industry is going to make continues progress in the coming years. And for every app to be successful there should be a strong userbase and the preliminary step to achieve it is creating an app with trending features.

Catching up with every trend and new features are essential and at the same time can be challenging. With the light of experience in developing apps with cutting edge technologies, we were always able to catch up with the app development trends. If you are having doubts regarding which new technology that you should adopt to develop your app, talk to the world’s best app experts.

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