Salon App Development- An Ultimate Checklist [2020]Omkar

Published by Sumayya Siddique on April 24, 2020

Surfing the internet to understand ways to expand your Beauty and Salon Business?. Well, you are in the right place. The future that the On-demand solution offers today’s business is huge. Serval industries including Food, and fashion has now made remarkable moves by making their services on-demand,
The one-click away access feature is embraced by smartphone users all around the world. With an industry that is valued $532 billion, you’ll need to continuously adapt to the upcoming trends and technologies to makes sure you are on track.

As a salon and spa business owner you will be wondering how you can tackle the on-demand services with yours. Surprisingly there are immense hidden opportunities for you. The apps make your business 24/7 accessible. You will no longer be messed up in between tight schedules and managing appointments of the day. As each slot can be chosen by the users checking the availability through the app. All it takes is seconds to make an appointment for your users. And this saves you from missing the appointment calls and messages, meaning your business is boosted 3X times.

The benefits of building a salon apps are beyond just appointment booking. Discount coupons, gift cards and exposure to your beauty products and services are some more advantages of creating a salon app.

Where customer retention and acquisition are the key purposes of developing a salon app, doing it right is important. In this article, we have covered some feature checklists of the salon app.

1. Customer appointment

Prior bookings is one facility that is offered by top Salon and beauty business. This helps the customers avoid waitings and save their time. In traditional cases, appointments are booked to calls and messages. And the chances of missing them out for you are very high.

Whereas, an appointment booking made through the app helps save the time of yours and as well as the customers. While building a salon app, this a feature that you cannot avoid. This is made possible by using the in-build calendar in the app that is accessible to both the salon owner and customers As an Add-on feature to this, both the owner and user will be notified about the upcoming bookings.


2. A brief idea about your services

Unlike before today’s beauty and salon business is not just revolving around haircuts and makeups. The Services offered in modern salons are of wide range including pedicure, manicure, facial treatments, scalp treatments, laser treatments and more. Through an app you can inform your customers about the existing and new services that are offered at your salon store. This will come to great help for users choosing their styles from home itself.


3. In-App Shopping

A common trend that is seen these days with salon and beauty business is, selling beauty products alongside the services. The users are highly influenced when their hairstylist or beautician suggests a product. This can be a third party product or your own product. By listing the products that you sell in the app, all the users can get view products and make purchases through the app.


4. A personal Space

People are more attracted to the personalized services. Each person has different tastes for beauty. And as a salon business owner, keeping track of personal style interest helps you serve better. The users should be allowed to create accounts where they can rate review, create favorite and wishlists. This can be accessed by the salon app owner to learn the beauty interest of the customers.


5. Employee Profile

A team with skilled members are one main reason behind successful salon businesses. By creating profiles for each employee you can grab the attention of the customers. YOu can showcase the skillet of each employee along with a description in which each specializes.

Providing a payment structure along with the profile can customers keep informed about the service charges too.

This gives the opportunity to the customers to choose their own hairstylist or beauty that suits their needs and priorities.


6. Service price list

Just like the services, pricing is a factor that is used by the customers to compare your business with your competitors. Through the app, you can provide the list of the services and their pricing. Make sure to offer transparency for every package variations that you offer.

7. Loyalty Programs

Apps make it easier for you to run customer loyalty campaigns. You can create and display offer banners and coupons easily through apps to increase customer loyalty. Providing offers and discount vouchers helps you retain your customers.

You can make use of fo mobile push notifications with images to let your customers know about the latest offers.

8. Payment Methods

Online payment methods are quite common nowadays. You can utilize the same which is more convenient in day to day life. For this, you can implement online payment gateways in your app like PayPal, Stripe, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and more.

Adding multiple payment options is most recommended as people use different online payment methods.


How much does it cost to develop a Salon App?

Just like other kinds of apps, the cost estimation is dependent on the feature requirement. If you are looking to develop an app that includes the above-menstioned features, the cost of the salon app can range in between $20000-$40000. However, relying on react native developers can become a cost saver as both Android and iOS Salon app can be developed with an estimated cost of $25000.

Are you a salon business owner looking to develop an app, Talk to on-demand salon app development experts to get started