Have an App idea.What's Next?

Published by Sumayya Siddique on january 8, 2020

Have an App Idea. What’s Next?

The next big idea in your mind? You have compared it with the existing similar apps and have seen no chance to out beat your app idea. But how can I get it into an app before some else steals my idea? On daily basis, we have been answering our clients who have an app idea and have no idea how to proceed with it. So here we have put down some top and relevant steps that can help you turn your app idea into reality.

How to begin with the App?

This question asks many more questions. To begin with, let’s begin with idea validation. For this, you need to research and learn the market and the audience. This will give you answers such as the following


#1. Keep your competitors close

It is not an easy world. You will discover that there is a considerable amount of competitors who has implemented ideas similar to yours. Learning your competitor thoroughly will help you solve half of your questions. You can know their marketing strategies, the features, and services they provide and also the customer base. This information can help you improvise your app idea by providing add-on features and to gain their customers.

It’s not just for the beginning. Monitoring your competitors throughout can help you compare and evaluate the services and features and thereby stay updated.

#2. Learn your Audience

Knowing your audience is inevitable. Who are your Audience? The possible people who will use your mobile app. This can be any gender group, age group, people of a particular interest or profession. Learning your audience will you an idea about what features you should keep in your app and which shouldn’t.

#3. Decide the Revenue Model:

At the end of the day, its all business. Thereby you have to know how you are going to generate revenue from your app. If you are thinking that your app is a free app, that doesn’t mean there is no opportunity for you to monetize your app. There are many effective ways through which  free app makes money,  inducing displaying Ads in your app.


#4. Developing the App:

This is where the real task begins. Here if you are a developer, you can begin with the development after creating a wireframe, which could be new for you. Creating a rough sketch of your app is done with the help of some online tools. This can help you write down the feature lists. And also you can create a workflow and know where to begin with while developing your app. As said, you wouldn’t need any technical skills for this part. And all you need is to understand the flow of your app thoroughly.

“I am not a developer. What then?”

It is not necessary that you should be a developer. There are thousands of app owners how has no developing skills and have their app in Play/App store. How do they get it done? Here is how.

Choosing the Best App Development Team

Now you know your competition, audience and also you have an idea of how your app should be after creating the wireframe. Now to get your dream into reality you need to discover the best app development service that suits your demands and budgets.

If you are having a tight budget you should look into the factors that affect the cost of your app. Once you have created the list of app development companies that suits your interest you can create a project description and contact the companies. You can jot down the services offered by each company and compare it with each other.

Here are some factors that you should look into before finalizing the app development team.

  • Custom service:Your app idea is unique and that’s why you wanted to build it in the first place. So you have to make sure the company provides custom development service so that app is built exactly the way you wanted it to be.
  • Transparency:Make sure the companies provide 100% transparency in their work and provide you access to the project when required. This can improve work efficiency and helps you monitor all activities.
  • Pricing: Take a look at the pricing the company quotes and compare it with the others. If your app has a new and complex feature, heads up, this might cost you some amount. Choosing the cheapest app development company shouldn’t be just about the pricing, It should be also about the value they provide for the quoted pricing.
  • Development Time:definitely, your app is not for the next year or the year after it. Consider your app complexity and enquire about the time that will require to implement your app idea into a project.
  • Communication and Post-delivery support: To make sure that you end up choosing a responsible team, consider the time they take to respond to your queries. Also, most apps will need support and timely updates, Thereby you have to make sure that your vendor provide post-delivery supports.
  • The Portfolio:Take some time to look into the past projects of the company and learn about the technology stack they have used for the development. This will help you analyze the quality of the service each company provides.

#5. Work on the UI/UX of the App

Once you have chosen your company, you have to make sure that the designing team is working with you so that you can come up with a perfect app UI that has the best user experience. Whatever be the theme of the app, you cannot compromise on the user-friendliness, because once the app is ready and people have started using your app, the users will uninstall the apps that are less used. And the main reason for this is either the UI is bad or the app does not solve the purpose. So, along with the designing team you have to finalize the best design with rich UI/UX.


#6. Deployment of the App

This is done by your development team. Even though you have to make sure that you receive an app built at least once in a week. The team updating the process with a built will help you d manual testing and provide feedback to the team that will eventually help the developers to improvise. Frequent updates will help you improve the functionalities of the app. Also, the chances are high that you come with new feature requirements once you start receiving the builts. You can discuss it with your development team on the go and implement it without any delay.

#7. The App launch

Once your app is market-ready you need to make sure that it is accessible to your audience. For this, you need to upload the app to the App stores. For the Android app, you need to upload the app to Playstore and incase of iOS app you need to upload it from the AppStore. For this, you will be needing o purchase a developer account. To make sure that your app appears on the top while a user searches for your app or category, you can also do Playstore and Appstore optimization.

#8. Promotion and Marketing

This is a step on which you can start working even before the app launch, Your app has to reach the audience. For this, you need to start the promotion from early stages. For the app promotion, you can become active in Social media and if you have a website you can announce your app launch in your website too. Marketing is an ongoing process, You can see even the big fishes make sure they promote their business continuously.


Summing Up

An app idea to a mobile app includes many steps and each of them is vital which can help you grow your business. Last but not least, you have to make sure that you are continuously monitoring and analyzing the market so that you don’t run out of trends. You have to keep your app updated so that you never run out. The future of your app idea is more dependent on the app development company that you choose and the promotion strategy that you pick. So make sure that you nail it!

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