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Create social media app

Step by Step guide in building a Social Media app

We all have witnessed how impactful and influencing are social media. And it is no different when viewed with a Business Perspective. The future offered in Social networking apps are promising. Definitely the outnumbered smartphone Read More...

by Sumayya Siddique, March 17, 2020

How much money can you earn with an app in 2020?

It is a known factor that there are billions of dollars that flow into the mobile app industry, which is a good motive to build an app in the coming years. And already startups and businesses have opted in mobile apps to take their business to the next level. Even though, there are some misconceptions about the apps Read More...

by Sumayya Siddique, Feb 24, 2020

Dating apps like Tinder: Top [8] Tinder Alternatives that can replace tinder forever

Building up a startup, based on dating/ matrimonial industry can have a lot of grey areas. A look into the current industry can definitely give an idea about choosing the right business model for your startup. Within this article, we have listed out some top dating apps like tinder in 2020 that can help you build a tinder Read More...

by Sumayya Siddique, Feb 05, 2020

healthcare apps, On-demand apps

An App for Healthcare Industry- Know the 5 Benefits

It’s no big surprise that nobody would like to spend their time on hospital verandas for hours when they are sick. And thanks to the technology, this situation has changed so much from what it was then. With the mobile apps invading all industries how would have thought that mobile apps are going to revolutionize Read More...

by Sumayya Siddique, january 22, 2020

App idea, Mobile app Trends

Have an App idea.What's Next?

The next big idea in your mind? You have compared it with the existing similar apps and have seen no chance to out beat your app idea. But how can I get it into an app before some else steals my idea? On daily basis, we have been answering our clients who have an app idea and have no idea how to proceed with it Read More...

by Sumayya Siddique, january 8, 2020

On-demand apps

A Complete Guide to Create an Ubereats like App [2020 Updated]

With no doubt the food delivery industry is on its rise. There are researches which shows the number of people that uses Ubereats like app in this year (2020) will be 92.76 million also it states that the number of platform to customer delivery will win the restaurant to a Read More...

by Sumayya Siddique, December 31, 2019

Mobile App trends

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App

The app development cost is the first concern that runs into a person’s mind just after he had a thought for building one. “It depends on the features you want”- This is an answer that you’ll get. But that’s, not just it, it depends on your idea, the complexity of implementing it, the methodology and for the devices for which you want to make the app. With all Read More...

by Sumayya Siddique, December 26, 2019

On-demand apps

Advantages of On-demand Apps

If you own an on-demand business, you have landed in the right place. The demand for immediate services is on the rise. There are studies that state that 86.5 million Americans which is 42% of the adult populations have used On-Demand Service. If you are an entrepreneur looking to get your feet into on-demand businesses, adapting technology is most Read More...

by Sumayya Siddique, December 18, 2019

Mobile App trends

Look out for these mobile app trends in 2020.

Every year new technologies are adopted by the mobile app world. Within the past few years, most of our industries including healthcare, eCommerce and education have found their places in mobile apps. For each app the requirements where variant and this paved path for implementing new techniques that enhance the user experience in one Read More...

by Sumayya Siddique, December 11, 2019

Free apps, mobile app monetization

How Does Free App Make Money?

There are 1000’s of apps uploaded to Appstore and Playstore every year. You can see there are paid and as well as free apps among them.Ever wondered how free apps make money ? Or how you can become profitable by investing in building a free mobile app.
This post is can guide you understand the monetization techniques that are used in Free apps.Here we have covered Read More...

by Sumayya Siddique, December 05, 2019